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Treatment Overview

Treatment Overview

“Absorbable suture suspension is currently the newest minimally invasive treatment for ptotic facial skin, has been shown to have an improved safety and efficacy profile over barbed suture thread lifting and should be considered a workhorse in non-surgical lifting of ptotic facial skin”

Ogilvie, MP, Few, JW et al. Rejuvenating the Face: An Analysis of 100 Absorbable Suture Suspension Patients. Aesthetic Surgery Journal sjx202., Dec 8 2017

Silhouette InstaLift provides effective mid-face repositioning via two synergistic actions:

1. Immediately lifts and repositions the mid-face tissue

2. Gradual volumization through collagen induction

Excellent Safety Profile

  • Adverse events rate of 0.003% per 91,690 devices sold(1)

(1) Vigilance Report Sept 2017.

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